Why Is My Electric Scooter Not Starting

Why Is My Electric Scooter Not Starting?

Why Is My Electric Scooter Not Starting


Electric scooters are an easy way to get around that is also good for the environment. That being said, if your electric bike won’t start, you could get lost and frustrated. This guide will help you figure out why Is my electric scooter not starting and give you steps to take to get it going again.

Dead Battery

Most of the time, an electric bike won’t start because the battery is dead. There will be no lights on or the scooter will not start if the battery is low or dead. Check to see how charged your battery is before you try to fix the problem. Charge your battery overnight if it’s dead.

Loose Connections

Make sure there are no loose links between the controller, the motor, or the battery. If the hookups are loose, the scooter might not start and the lights might not work. Make sure that all of the links are strong and tight.

Faulty Power Switch

Your electric bike might also not start if the power switch is broken. It won’t finish the circuit if the power switch is broken, so your scooter won’t start. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage on the power switch. Get a new one if the old one isn’t working.

Codes Error

The error number is another reason why the scooter won’t start. So look at your scooter’s display before you start it up. On the screen, an error will show up. On the dashboard of many scooters, there is also an error sign that tells you what to do if the problem is with the controller or the battery. Each maker has codes that they fix and offer help to users to fix them.

Damaged Charger

If you can’t get your electric bike to start, check the charger. If the charger is broken, the battery won’t be able to charge, and the battery will die. Check the charger, and if it’s broken, get a new one.

Motor Issues

There might be something wrong with the motor if your electric scooter won’t start. Make sure the links on the motor are tight by checking them. The motor might need to be changed if it’s broken.

Broken Fuse

If a fuse in your electric bike breaks, it might not start. If the switch is blown, you should get a new one.

Worn-Out Tires

The tires on your electric bike might be worn out if it won’t start. Look at how worn out the tires are and get new ones if needed.

Damaged Wiring

The electric bike might not be able to start if the wiring is broken. It is important to make sure that all of the wiring links are safe. Fix any wire that is broken.

Defective Controller

If your electric bike won’t turn on, the controller might be broken. Check the wires on the controller to make sure they are safe. The controller might need to be changed if it’s broken.

Blocked Throttle

The electric bike might not be able to start if the throttle is blocked. Make sure the throttle isn’t stopped by anything. If you need to, clean it.

Temperature Issues

If your electric bike won’t turn on, it might be because of the temperature. Too much or too little cold or heat can hurt the battery’s performance. Bring the scooter inside and give it some time to warm up or cool down before you try to start it.

Overload Protection

The electric bike might not be able to start if it is too heavy. Take off any extra stuff or weight from the scooter and try to start it up again.


By using the steps in this piece to troubleshoot your electric scooter, you can find and fix common problems that are stopping it from starting. Doing things like charging the battery after each use and checking the links on a regular basis can also help keep problems from happening. Always check the owner’s instructions and get help from a professional if you need to.


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