When Was the Electric Scooter Invented?

When Was the Electric Scooter Invented?

When Was the Electric Scooter Invented?


In the past few years, electric scooters have become more and more famous. Many people use them for transportation, fun, and exercise. But not many people know when the first electric bike was made. We will talk about the background of the electric scooter, when was the electric scooter invented?, how it has changed over time, and how it has affected society.

The idea of an electric scooter has been around for more than one hundred years. In fact, the first powered scooter was made in 1915. But the electric scooter we know today didn’t come out until the early 2000s, when battery technology improved and made it possible to make electric scooters that were small, light, and cheap.

The History of the Electric Scooter

The Early Days of the Scooter

Honda made the kick scooter, which was the first thing that looked like an electric scooter. It was called kick ‘n go and came out in 1974. These bikes were fun for both kids and adults because you could move them with your feet. A lot of people used them for transportation because they were cheap, light, and easy to ride.

The Electric Motor Was First Used

The first electric motors were made in 1886. These motors made it possible to make electric bikes and motorbikes. Soon, people started to play around with the idea of using electric motors to power bikes.

It was the first electric scooter.

In 1895, Ogden Bolton made an electric scooter by changing an old one. In other words, electric bikes may have been around before 1895. Electrostatic motors were first made in 1740, and scientist Gaston Planté invented lead batteries in 1859. These batteries are still used in cars today. In 1881, Gustave Trouvé fixed up the first bike. The scooter’s speed rose to 8.69 mph (14 km/h) during this time, and its range reached 24.8 miles (40 km). If the speed of your electric bike isn’t going faster, make sure the speed limiter is in place. 

Evolution of the Electric Scooter

New developments in battery technology

Early batteries didn’t have a lot of range, which made it hard for electric bikes to become widely popular. But as battery technology got better, electric bikes got farther away. Electric bikes today can go up to 60 miles on a single charge, which makes them a good choice for many people who commute.

More efficient use of motors

Better motor economy has also helped the electric scooter grow and change over time. Electric motors today are much more efficient than those made in the past. This means that they need less power to do the same job. Because of this, bikes are now lighter, smaller, and easier to ride and move around on.

Modern Style

Lastly, electric bikes have changed a lot in how they look over the years. Smooth, aerodynamic designs on modern bikes make them both useful and nice to look at. A lot of them have high-tech features like LED lights, digital screens, and the ability to talk to smartphones.

Impact of Electric Scooters on Society

Transportation that is good for the environment

One of the most important things that electric scooters could do for society is cut down on greenhouse gas pollution. Because they don’t release any pollution, electric bikes are a green way to get around.

Ability to access

Also, electric bikes are easier to get to than a lot of other ways to get around. Some people choose them because they are cheap, light, and easy to ride for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Use for recreation

Electric bikes are used for more than just getting around. They are also used for fun. A lot of people like to ride electric bikes for fun, to get in shape, or to see new places.

Modern Features Of Electric Scooter

This new design was added to a number of electric motors and the newest batteries for fans in the year 2000. The business we know today as Inokim began as Myway in 2009. The business is a Kick Electric Scooter Company. Right now, a lot of different companies make this type of modern scooter called a Kick Electric Scooter. You can learn the basics about electric scooters here.


In conclusion, Ogden Bolton invented the electric scooter in 1895 by making changes to an earlier form of the scooter. Since then, the design, efficiency, and usefulness of electric scooters have improved greatly. Additionally, electric bikes are easy to get, good for the environment, and a fun way to get around. We can expect electric scooters to become more popular among commuters, tourists, and people who like to try new things as battery technology and electric motor efficiency keep getting better.

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